Category: Fall Winter
1 Men’s Costume

Men’s Costume

Today, I take you to the beautiful world of 4 made-to-measure costume brands. Four Houses that I recommend with closed eyes to the bride and groom. We do not present them so much they have dusted the genre. At Faubourg Saint Sulpice, the groom's suit is elegantly styled and a touch of impertinence. Each project is ...

2 High End Suits

High End Suits

Here, we reach the elite of what can be done in Jack Victor. Very good qualities of fabrics mixed with irreproachable finishes, only will validate our choice our attraction for this or that brand. We have therefore listed the main players in this segment, considered as the "Rolls Royce" of the complete. Grey Mauve ...

1 Mid-Range Suits

Mid-Range Suits

If the entry-level has the particularity of offering products at lower cost (often obscuring the quality), the mid-range prefers to raise the quality to a higher level. Of course, a price increase is expected but is sometimes beneficial. Here is a non-exhaustive list of costume brands to know in this range. ...